The Importance of Hunger in Spiritual Development and Rise of Spirit

The Importance of Hunger in Spiritual Development and Rise of Spirit

The Importance of Hunger in Spiritual Development and Rise of Spirit

Hunger and its importance in spiritual development

There are many principles for spiritual development in all religions and systems, but one of them is little known, it is difficult at first, but it makes people take great distances in spiritual development in a short time. Hunger eliminates the pressure of the body on the soul and allows us to turn to our soul. Especially when hunger or low food is combined with loneliness, it acts as a full catalyst. Hunger sincerely and loneliness eliminate the pressures surrounding us from outside and enable us to make great distances in our spiritual ascension.

Less Food for Spiritual Development

In order to reveal our mental abilities and lead a healthy life, our physical needs need to be limited or minimized in order for our attention to be directed to our soul through our metabolism. Our daily nutritional needs are around 250-500 grams depending on the person’s metabolism. Every nutrient taken above this amount causes our metabolism to work overtime and the excess to be stored.

The more nutrients taken, the more intensive the metabolism is. When all the energy and density of human matter is concentrated on the body; between the spiritual world; it leads to a thick wall that is difficult to reach.

Why You Should Stay Hungry or Eat Less

In our previous subjects, we have mentioned that our spiritual activities are directly related to our hormonal structure (Third Eye Activation) When the unbalanced and excessive nutrition disrupts our hormonal structure, the communication between the body and the soul starts to deteriorate and it does not work properly. Any work done in this way can cause major problems. The discontinuities between the matter body and the soul cause the human to turn completely to the matter body, lose his spiritual abilities, develop uncontrolled and undesirable situations. This is one of the main reasons why our sleeps, feelings and dreams differ according to our childhood years.

When our body is forced to work like a factory all the time, all the spiritual and conscious intensity begins to shift into that area. The balance between the Spirit and the Body is disrupted and the spiritual progress stops and begins to decline. Now all our energy is spent only on meeting the physical needs and the activities of metabolism.

Material Weight Negatively Affects Our Spiritual Development

Basically, if we divide man into two parts as matter and spirit body, the fact that all investment is made only in matter body will weaken our spiritual side.

If you eat plenty of everything that you feel three meals a day, if your organs are forced to work constantly, it is not possible to contact your soul in this mess. If you have innate spiritual abilities, you will find it difficult to control them. This situation is no different from the effort to see the sun from a bottomless well.

Imagine for a moment that not all your organs have to work constantly. The whole body begins to stagnate like the sea after the storm. When enough silence is provided to see all the details, you begin to perceive the blue, smell, symphonic sounds of waves and birds hitting the shore. If you wandered in the woods on a windless day, you had the opportunity to hear the sounds of all living things in the forest. When enough silence occurs to detect the smallest sound, all the details begin to appear.

Otherwise, you might think that you are observing the sea and the forest on a stormy day. All resulting details will be destroyed.

Spiritual Ascension from Hunger

Intermittent hunger or less food may be difficult if you have not been hungry before, but once you start to eat, hunger and less food will have an addictive feature. Because with conscious hunger and little food,

You feel the heavy load on you

The lightness of hunger helps to remove the pressure on your soul and release the spiritual energy.

In the case of a deep trance, you begin to feel that your Spiritual frequency is beginning to integrate into everything. You will have the opportunity to experience all the details that you have not noticed before.

You will experience an easier and faster focus.

You begin to experience natural Alpha – Theta. With the trans states that start to emerge spontaneously, you feel that you live in a different dimension.

Since the body will only get the food it needs, it doesn’t get too tired and less sleep starts to be enough for you.

You will have the opportunity to experience every moment of your life more actively and intensively.

Since hormonal balance is achieved, seratonin, melatonin and dmt begin to secrete naturally. You experience a natural and balanced third eye opening.

Your psychology and your outlook on life change positively with the opening of your spiritual perceptions.

Why is Hunger Necessary in Mental Development?

Why eat less and need to be starved at regular intervals?

To increase the efficiency of deep trance studies

To make meditation more effective

Real and natural Alfa – Theta experience

To provide high concentration in spiritual studies

To make the prayer and esma read more effective

For strengthening and developing the connection between Spirit and Body

Hunger, Spiritual Depth and Low Food in Spiritual Development

Having a spiritual depth will at least give you the depth you want when you have the chance to be alone to taste the spiritual depth at a meal of one kind only once a day. Once you’ve tasted this fast rise, you’re sure to want to repeat it.

Since our topic is not directly related to the 3-10 and 21-day hunger, I didn’t mention all the details, but if you want to do it, see page 152-160 in Aidin Salih’s book of Real Medicine. You can find detailed information by looking through the pages. Those who are extremely ill and regained their health after 21 days of hunger share their posts on youtube.

Since the subject constitutes only the body part of spiritual development, I do not want to repeat the details I mentioned earlier. In order to gain a holistic approach to the subject, you can look at the links below in addition to the topics I share links within the subject.

The sample hunger parts of the subject are not added in order not to translate correctly and not to cause wrong applications. You can reach the original topic from the link below to make the appropriate translation experiments.


The Importance of Hunger in Spiritual Development and Rise of Spirit

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