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What is Bioenergy? How is it used in treatment? How to Develop?

What is Bioenergy? How is it used in treatment? How to Develop?

What is Bioenergy? Bioenerji is a combination of the original word bioenergy, the word bio, which means Life, and energy. It means universal energy or life energy. Its main function is to use the cosmic energy found in the universe and all living things in order to become a channel for healing. Bioenergy was first used by the Austrian physician and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Reich used the term bioenergy only in terms of the energy of life in the body. Bioenerji is called Sanskrit de Prana. The Japanese call this energy Ki, and the Chinese say Chi.

In 1976, Bioenerji was accepted as a complementary treatment by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Bioenergy Impact and Working Principle

The source of the physical body is what we take from outside. What we eat, drink, the air we breathe, in short, everything that can be consumed from the outside into our body is transformed into energy by appropriately breaking up in the body system. The physical body works with this fuel.

Well, the aura that is proved by the kirlian photography ve and before that with our soul, with what nutrients does it survive?

The aura is like a shadow of energy that reflects our spiritual and physical condition. Just like looking at our physical condition and diagnosing the disease, looking at the Aura is diagnosed with mental and physical illnesses, including character analysis. In addition, such problems are treated by eliminating the aura’s negativity.

The physical body and soul of man are highly interrelated. This means that as the nutrients taken into the body turn into energy, it affects the physical body as well as the soul’s energy. There is a perfect harmony between them.

Energy is the essence of everything, so the reason for being sick or healthy is energy. Bioenergy aims to eliminate these negative energies and channel them to healing for healing.

What is Bioenergy? Is Bioenergy Enough for Treatment?

It should be borne in mind that Bioenergy alone is not sufficient for treatment. Bionerji, which is one of the traditional techniques of Alternative Medicine, is one of the auxiliary treatment methods that support Modern Medicine. The World Health Organization has accepted and accepted bioenergetics as a complementary treatment.

Since modern medicine evaluates materially like other sciences, when it is insufficient, traditional medicine methods with bioenergy and derivative can be used in diseases that cannot be fully treated.

How is Bioenergy Used in Treatment?

The disease can disrupt the human energy as well as the disruption of human energy can cause the disease. Diseases have a counterpart in the life energy of human beings, which provides bilateral convenience in diagnosis and treatment.

When a place in our body hurts, we touch our aching place with our hands mixed with reflex and instinct. The reason we do this is undoubtedly, when we touch our aching place is to reduce the pain with the energy sent from our hands and cause healing.

There are 7 main energy centers (chakras) in our body. Apart from these, our palms are located in many places including small centers. And there are energy channels that connect these centers throughout the body. The chakras in the palms are used in bioenergetics as they are included in the group that attracts and transfers energy.

As an organ becomes ill and cannot perform its function, a number of blockages may occur in energy centers depending on the life. As a result of these blockages, the energy flow is disturbed and the negative energy makes the patient sick or causes the disease.

Bionergy experts provide additional support to Modern Medicine in order to eliminate such negative energies in the patient body and regulate the irregularly functioning energy flow.

Who has Bioenergy?

Bioenergy is available to everyone, but some people may use it for therapeutic purposes by concentrating their energy to a point because they have a high mental sensitivity. In these people, the mechanism is innate, and it is enough for them to think and act consciously in order to control and use it.

Congenital bioenergy mechanisms of birth chart are,

Bioenergy locations on birth chart:

  • Shiron in Pisces
  • 8. Venus at home
  • 12. People with Scorpio in their house

For details: Spiritual Ability Locations in Birth Chart

How to use and develop bioenergy?

The use and development of bioenergy may require a long process, but let me give a brief example for those who want to try it.

Sleep regularly for two weeks before starting work. Lie as early as possible and get up early before the sun rises.

Eat natural and healthy during this time.
Again for two weeks, every morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep; Focus on the energy in your body by doing the work described in the Spiritual Deepening Study.
At the end of two weeks, supply a magnet, a live plant that will not die immediately, a stone and a battery.
Make cardboard boxes of the same size to accommodate each of these objects.
Sort the boxes side by side by placing the objects inside the boxes

Sit in a position where you feel good, your energy flow will not be interrupted, your waist is upright and close your eyes. Do not open your eyes until the end of the work.
Swap boxes randomly.
Run your hand over the boxes in sequence through the trance.
Choose a box and keep your hand on it. Wait until you feel the vibration in your hand. Do not intervene.
When you feel the energy which you feel belongs to that object, take the paper and pen that you can reach easily and write the name of the object and put it on the box. (without eyes opening)
Repeat this application for all boxes, respectively.

To enhance the impact of this study, you can use the techniques described in the imagination category below. Not everyone in the study will get similar results. If you have done deep trance work efficiently, you have also learned to feel your energy during that work. Those who are not mentally sensitive will need to work longer.

Second Stage, Bioenergy Studies and Development on Human Body

You can try different versions of similar work on friends and acquaintances. Try to try when it connects pains, especially on those who have pain in certain areas.

Ground yourself before work, walk bare feet in the soil, touch the leaves of trees, wash your hands in water running from the tap, and so on.
Ask the person you choose to lie on your back when the pain begins.
Move your hand over the body by entering the trance (without touching the body, from head to feet)
Feeling the energy in your body will be understood by the tingling of your hand.
When your hand starts tingling, try to feel whether the energy of each area in the body is the same and the difference in tingling in your hand.

Take your hand over the pain area.
Take a deep breath, as you breathe with the causes of pain in that area, such as black powder, imagine that you suck.
Imagine that this black powder was thrown out with your other hand and disappeared.
During this operation, you will feel your hand warming and tingling intensely, which is related to the energy flow and do not worry.
Now reverse the operation. Take a deep breath. Imagine that when you breathe, the healing high energy enters you, and when you breathe in, you enter the aching area and heal that area.

Remember to Ground Yourself After Bioeerji Study

Whether you like it or not, an energy exchange occurs after this operation. Since the negative energies that cause pain will pass through to you, you should definitely ground yourself and throw out the energy. Failure to do so will adversely affect the energies accumulated on you.

Grounding, deep trance work and imagination can be done in the form of swimming, taking ablution, taking a bath, walking barefoot on the soil and grass. If you have no means, wash your hands in running water and imagine that the energy in your body is completely exhausted by imagination.

The imaginations made during this work have an effect even if you are not aware because it stimulates the spiritual mechanisms and energy flow. There is a rule that never changes. Thoughts affect dreams and dreams affect actions. When you do this work regularly, after a while everything will begin to act only with thought and consciousness. If you have innate predispositions, you will get quick results in early studies.


What is Bioenergy? How is it used in treatment? How to Develop?

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